Vis East Capacity Building Project

Vis East Capacity Building Project Year 5

Vis East Moot coaches return to Yangon, Myanmar October 2nd  to 11th, 2018, training law students in international arbitration and international sales law. Each year since 2014, Louise and her team bring their passion and expertise in international arbitration to law students in developing countries who lack the educational and financial resources to come to the Moot.   So far, the Vis East Capacity Building team has visited Cambodia three times and Myanmar once.  Both countries have been struggling to re-establish their judicial systems after decades of political turmoil and economic disparity.  Vis East tutors are working to strengthen the Rule of Law by empowering law students with the skills and knowledge for success in international commerce.
Our goal this year:    US$ 12,750    or    HK$100,000

We operate on a shoestring!

Thanks to the Capacity building Team, the students of Myanmar are getting the training they need to succeed in the world of international business and arbitration. This year we plan to return to Myanmar to build on last year’s progress, but our funding has run out, and we need your help!  Vis East tutors volunteer their time.  Your donation covers travel and accommodation expenses, basic study materials and catering for up to 25 students.

How can YOU help?

Donate by DEGREES: Help uncover the Vis East Logo!  Just US$35 reveals a degree.

The veiled shadow of the 360o Vis East logo is divided into 360 degrees.  For just US$35 (or HK$275) you, your team, your office, or your friends can unveil one or more degrees of the circle.  With each degree purchased, a new segment of the Vis Logo is revealed, bringing and us one step closer to the full circle of 360 degrees. Each degree purchased reveals a segment of the Vis East logo.  Add your name or group name to the Donor List on the Vis East website and at the Vis East Centre during Orals Week.  Follow our progress each day as the logo comes into view.  100% of your contribution goes to support our team of experts for ten days in Yangon, Myanmar. 

CLICK below to share your own good fortune with students who have up until now not been able to participate in the Vis East Moot. Let’s work together to create a new legal heritage in Myanmar by revealing the full Vis East logo by 18 March 2018.

Either select from the options below to donate or email us if you wish to donate an unlisted amount. 


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