About the Vis East Moot Foundation

The aim of the Vis East Moot Foundation is to provide educational experiences for students worldwide. This is done in a variety of ways, the currents efforts are focused through the Willem C Vis East International Arbitration Moot, the Vis East Moot Foundation’s Capacity Building project and the Young International Mediation Competition. 

The Willem C Vis East International Arbitration Moot (the Vis East Moot) is an international arbitration mooting competition, which is attended by more than 120 teams.  It is a sister moot to the Vis Moot held in Vienna each year.  The goals of both the Vis East Moot and the original Vis Moot in Vienna are the promotion and study of international commercial arbitration and the training of tomorrow's legal leaders in methods of alternate dispute resolution.  The Vis East Moot is held in Hong Kong as the region is noted to be a key hub in arbitration and therefore is considered to be the natural home in Asia for the Eastern competition. 

The Vis East Capacity Building Project is an ongoing legal educational program in developing countries. The programme  covers aspects of international business and arbitration law. The VMCBP aims  to enhance the capacity of law schools universities in these countries to teach these areas of law on an ongoing skills-oriented basis; students will develop critical reading and analysis, on-line research techniques, issue- spotting, drafting and advocacy skills. The idea is to develop these skills in young lawyers who will then be competent and confident in handling various aspects of international business transactions and dispute resolution. While a number of aid agencies already support many valuable ad hoc projects of this type, the VECBP aims to leave in place a sustainable core of alumni (both law students and faculty coaches) which will form a more permanent Foundation upon which to grow.

The Young International Mediation Competition is moving to a new organisation and will be held in new exciting locations. More details to follow soon! To find out more click here