Virtual Vis East Moot!

Virtual Vis East Moot! 3/3/2020

The 17th Vis East Moot will be held virtually from 22 - 29 March 2020! The live version will be held later in the year at dates to be announced! 

Those of you who already participate in the HK or in Vienna Vis know how important the competition is to the practical education of the students and to the promotion of the CISG around the world.  And the VVE is the first of its kind - we're turning the corona cloud's silver lining to create a new, 21st century event.
The arbitration world has already caught on to the great networking, profile-raising and recruitment opportunities of the Vis, but some in the CISG community  are not always able to participate.  With the Vis East Moot going virtual this is a terrific opportunity for everyone to get involved - and without the expense and time commitment of travel to Asia.

Vis East always need more arbitrators - but never more than this year. You can judge the VVE with no special equipment, software or even technical expertise.  If you've ever used Skype or FaceTime, you can do it.  Ideally, a computer screen will show you all the different people at once on a split screen.  But if worst comes to worst, you can use your cell phone to log on.  As long as you have an internet connection, 2 hours of battery life, and a quiet undisturbed space for 2 hours, you'll be just fine. 

Please do let us know if you can assist, what country you would call in from, and during which hours (your time) you would be available.  Also let us know if there is any school that you should not judge because of a pre-existing relationship.  Email us at to let us know you are available. 

You can find this year's Problem and Clarifications at our website under The 17th Vis East Moot. We are using LCIA Rules this year.  Click here to link to the 17th Vis East Moot page