New Registration Procedure!

New Registration Procedure! 9/24/2019

Information on New Registration Procedure
There is a new registration procedure for registering teams and arbitrators this year.
You will need to create a new account, for both teams and arbitrators as any previous information has not been transferred to the new system.

Team registration
To register as a team please click the registration button as a team and follow the instructions.

Once you have registered your team you will receive information as to whether it has been accepted or not.  Please check your emails and your spam folders to ensure you do not miss any information from us. Also check your team page regularly this year as most information will be through that portal in future.  Remember also that all memoranda being submitted this year is only being accepted through your team accounts.

Please ensure you fill in all the information when registering, especially the questions in relation to the privacy policy as you will not be able to proceed without this acceptance. Do note we do not give your information to any third parties.

You may pay for your team registration online through PayPal as before, please do so through your team account after your registration is accepted. If you are paying through another means please ensure you email us at with the bank transfer or cheque details so it can be related to your team account.
Arbitrators registration
Please register online this year and remember to check your page regularly for updates and information on your schedule. Everything will be posted through your page only this year. There will be email alerts when some items are posted, so it is essential that you check your spam box and mark our email address as a safe address so you can receive our emails without any complications.

Please remember that all memoranda for reading and ranking will also be available through your account this year as well. Your schedule for oral hearings will also be posted on your account page and you must accept the hearings to let us know you are able to attend. If we do not receive your acceptance it is likely the hearings will be allocated to another arbitrator, so it is essential we receive your acceptance. 

Please do email us for any questions

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