KPMG Report Lauds Vis East Contribution to Hong Kong Arbitration

KPMG Report Lauds Vis East Contribution to Hong Kong Arbitration 5/15/2018

In the Report on Enhancing Hong Kong’s position as the leading international arbitration centre in Asia-Pacific KPMG lauds Vis East Contribution to Hong Kong Arbitration. It states;

"The Vis East Moot, in particular, has become a significant event. The Vis East Moot runs in parallel with the Willem C Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot, the leading and most prestigious international arbitration mooting competition. Its goal is to promote the study of international commercial arbitration and to train future legal leaders in methods of alternate dispute resolution. Since the inaugural event in 2003, as an initiative of Ms Louise Barrington, the Vis East Moot has grown in both popularity and status going from 14 teams in 2003 to 107 teams in 2015112. The competition is so popular now that the organisers have had to place a limit on the number of teams that can enter due to logistical constraints. In total, there are approximately 1,000 participants involved in the annual competition, with a vast majority of them coming from outside Hong Kong. For these people, many of whom will later become future practitioners, the Vis East Moot provides them with their first opportunity to experience Hong Kong and to familiarise themselves with our legal and arbitration related services."

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