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Swiss International Law School 10/29/2015

Swiss International Law School

The Swiss International Law School (SiLS) led by Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Schwenzer, LL.M., offers with its Moot Academy a unique online training platform that is available to all Vis Moot participants entirely free of charge. The Moot Academy consists of three different programs: The Essentials Course teaches students the basics of arbitration, the CISG, and advocacy to facilitate successful participation in the Vis Moot. The course consists of short video lectures and concise readers and can be accessed via the SiLS website. On top of that the Remote Coaching program brings together experienced practitioners, former coaches and arbitrators to assist teams that are not fortunate enough to get the intense coaching that today is standard for many of the successful Vis teams. Finally, every February the SiLS Moot Academy Pre-Moot gives teams a platform for meeting each other virtually for web-based practice hearings with volunteer arbitrators. Participation in the Remote Coaching program and the Pre-Moot are limited by availability.
Apply now and get one of the few slots still available in the Remote Coaching program for this month’s proof-reading of the memorandum for claimant!

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